Denise Burdette is a mother of three adult children who is now living their lives. She has always wanted to be a writer since she was thirteen in a little town of Homosassa Springs on the Gulf Coast in Florida. She met a young woman named Gemini Warren, who not only helped her through a rough time in her life but planted the seed to become an author. Later in life, when her parents transplanted her from Florida to West Virginia, it was the secret love of writing that really helped her to survive high school. For most of her life, she would write my hand her dreams on college-ruled notebook paper and file them away, never to see the light of day. Very few people were allowed to read those dreams; she was too unsure and embarrassed, she had no confidence (still doesn't). Life went on. She got married, had three beautiful children, got divorced, lost her parents, and through it all, she wrote and hid her dreams. She worked retail, went to vocational school for office administration, and then for hairstyling. In the field of Barbering, she not only learned the saying 'fake it till you make it, but she started living it. In this field, it was a little small business called "Lora's Hair Salon" that she grew. When her youngest daughter told her she was getting married, she was struck with the knowledge that her role as a mom was coming to an end. She had no idea what she was going to do, but she knew that she had to have a purpose, or she would fade away. That was when her lifelong dream of becoming a writer resurfaced, and she was struck with the thought of why not. She began the novel "Serenity Song" she worked hard a diligently on it for five long years. She bounced her different ideas off her best friend and never planned to publish. Then her former brother-in-law (she still calls him her brother) reinforced why not. He reminded her that she could do whatever she wanted now; she did not commit anyone or anything. she didn't have to cook and give baths. She didn't have to get them up and ready for school. She would have time to chase those dreams. So she did, of course. On October 25, 2020, she was still back and forth about whether she would publish, but by then, the die was cast, and Serenity Song went live on Amazon Kindle. that opened a block she didn't know she had, and now she gets up at 3 or 5 to type on a new creation daily. Her creations are not for everyone as she writes what she loves paranormal erotica romance with a splash of the five elements.

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