Character Backgrounds:


Hello humans, I can't really say fellow humans as I am what you would call an adamite, meaning I was born before your biblical and cultural histories. I was born even before your ancient history. At my birth, we didn't have family units; we were created, not born, and then the adult responsible for us was only obligated until we hit the age of twelve. Then I was turned to lose in the world. At the time of my birth, the world had already started to rebirth, and there were very few cities of the elders left. Let me say that leaving the city and going out into the world was anything but easy or soft; I went from advances the modern world has yet to achieve to living by a campfire and torchlight. I have chosen to forget my youth--perhaps it is for the best; after all, the being that I am is no longer human, and we have rules one of which we can't interfere with the progression of the human.

Where are my manners? My name is Jas; I have no last name, never have, but if you insist, call me Jas Amunnson; I spent a great deal of my human life just surviving and quickly became a mercenary for the highest paying warlord. In my twenty-fourth year that I was approached by an odd man in the duck of the evening. He said his name was Amun, and he had an offer for be honest, upon hearing his offer, I thought he was crazy as a loon. Later I found out he was not; Amun offered me eternal life. All I had to give up was the sun and protected the humans who were few and far between. There was a plague running through them that would later reduce their numbers to less than three thousand. This man that would later become my second father gave me a year to decide; I said yes, I mean, the sun was pretty annoying, and I had always enjoyed the moon and night better. That was so long ago that I can't put a number on it.

Amun was the first of his kind; he wasn't born human; he was actually created by the goddess Nyx, so my grandmother is a goddess. We were able to find the source of the plague and stop it; then, as the world became more and more populated, we also began building our own race. Amun and I created the laws and rules that our race currently abide by; we also decided that we would have a council of thirteen to make any decisions for the race. I personally founded the protectorate; all those years ago, you humans were gifted with the art of physical magic; your priests and priestess with this gift were being hunted and killed. I disagreed with it. So the protectorates were created to protect them and deliver them to safety. Unfortunately, I am the last of that group.

For more time than I can remember, it was just Amun and me through the years; we helped villages be created; we even stayed in Egypt for a few hundred years, well before it was Egypt (we helped them find their footing). As the years wore on, Amun became dark and sullen, then one day, he returned ranting and raving about how untrustworthy humans were, how the world would be better without them. I paid him no mind, I wish I had two days later I found a village destroyed, I suspect it was Amun--I left his company not long after and didn't see or speak to him in ages. 

In my travels, I made friends with the high elves of Hy-Brazel and made friends with shapeshifters and many other night creatures not of my race; my best friend is actually a demon named Rafe. While on Hy-Brazel, I met a young pict, Marcus. I was lonely and made him the same offer that my second father had me, he agreed, and although he drives me ten ways from crazy, I do not ever regret making the offer to Marcus.

I want to share the curse of my race with you, a curse that I am ashamed to say is my fault. I was in a carnal relationship with the Priestess Atheana while I found her, the woman who completed me. I found my Omara. She was my son, the light at the end of my tunnel. She was my counterpart in a way that humans can fathom, but alas, Atheana discovered it and destroyed that future. 

Fast forward to today, I rather enjoy my retirement, magic is gone, and I get to relax, then all hell breaks loose, Rafe is here without a tether, Marcus was removed from his sleeping place and awakened, how we have no idea. Then the mysterious redhead is literally a fire witch; I suspect she is Omara reborn. The real question is, what can I do to protect her while discovering her gifts, am I obligated to protect her? can I walk away? Do I want to? 


Hey you guys, what's up, my dudes and dudettes! My name is Marcus. I was born at the beginning of semi-recorded history--I am sure you have seen some of my pictographs in National Geographic. No, I wasn't the photographer; I am the one who did the cave painting. I know right, how weird; don't worry, it gets weirder. I have only been Jas's fledgling for the last four hundred and fifty years.

How is that possible? Well, hold on to your potatoes. I am about to share that buttercup. My village's shamen traded me to some elves, not like Santa's elves or even Tolkiens. These guys are so not nice. The elves were leaving the earth realm; the humans almost killed them. To this day, I have no actual knowledge of why Balic traded me. I have come to accept that I will never have those answers, so soldier on the right. The elves were disappearing to Hy-Brazel, an island that disappears and reappears every five hundred years here in earth realm. I would advise you not to look for them; dude, elves are not fond of humans. They think you are less the pond scum; none of them are worth the time. They are also highly tricky; when you think you are getting a deal with them, you are not! I have one person there that I love and respect, Callista. She is the last natural-born elf and the princess; I like her, but you probably won't ever deal with her, so stay away from them.

Jas is, for lack of a better term is my father, and as such, when he asks me to do something, I do it, so here I go off to Seattle, Washington. I am there to retrieve a witch, one who doesn't know that she is a witch, excellent, right? Between us, Zephyra is a very remarkable woman, like a whirlwind that pointed eared (her ears are slightly tipped, I suspect she has elven blood in her ancestry), that seductress turned my mission upside down. So now I have a skinwalker and elf with me; oddly, I like them; that was her doing. We have made it to the farm, and I hope those two make it here; I know the others would like them, and to be honest, we can use as much help as we can in the upcoming battle. There is some weird-ass shit happening, and I feel in the depths of my soul that we are in for a battle of our lives.


Hello all, My name is Serenity Paxton, yes, as in heiress to Paxton Industries here in Charleston, West Virginia. To be honest, I hadn't had much to do with my parent's business since they were murdered when I was a young girl. After that, the therapist I saw convinced me that I was making up the monster, but now I am not so sure. So you could say I am a poor little rich girl with a trust fund, if I could, I would donate it all to charity, but Patrick, the man in charge of the company, says only half. So I donate half every month, then I find a stooge and donate all of his money. Well, he does with a bit of creative withdrawal on my part; that's how I met Jas. Did you know vampires were real, yeah I didn't either, but now I do, and oh boy, if I had known then what I do now? Well, that's not exactly true. I would have been way more careful when I made my creative withdrawals and made sure Mr. Tall, Dark, and broody didn't find me. But, since meeting Mr. Sex on a Stick, I have had some adventures.

Let's see, okay did you know witches were real? Well, they are now; someone is tampering with over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, and witches are waking up all over the place. Weird right, well it's about to get weirder; Jas's best friend is some freaky ass demon with the hots for my best friend. His only fledgling is a smart ass with a chip on his shoulder, and oh yeah, someone is out to murder me! Right, what the heck! I mean, it could be any number of people I helped make donations but let's be honest, I was sailing along just fine until he found me. Then people start trying to kill me. They set my house on fire and then attacked me at the company garden like crap. What is a girl to do? 

Well, he is sex on a stick, even if most of the time it's a sexy stick in the mud. He and I were mates in a past life--yeah, I am starting to remember bits and pieces of that, but we got cursed somehow, and here we are, hacker extruder and the straight-laced vampire. Let me tell you, and I understand living as long as he has, he has got to be bored, right? Well, I am about to rock his world and shake things up; I'll let you in on a secret we are planning a surprise for him and the others in Jasmine's Tempest!